Sunday, September 20, 2009

Go Broncos!

I love fall in Colorado. Not only is the weather fabulous, but it is the beginning of football season! As you all know, I am a die hard Bronco fan and when I married Chad I was lucky enough to marry into Broncos season tickets. I joke with Chad that his season tickets closed the deal :-)

Lucky for us, Braeden has 2 sets of amazing grandparents that are willing to babysit during Bronco games. However, I wanted to wait until Braeden was 4 months old until I left him for a long period of the day. He is not a great bottle taker and his naps aren't the greatest yet (hopefully, that will change soon), so Chad and I decided to watch the first home game of the season, Broncos vs. Cleveland, from home. They won, and Braeden got to wear his Bronco outfit.
As you can tell, he was very excited about the outcome of the game!
I am definitely looking forward to the games this year, and I am really looking forward to taking Braeden to a game when he gets older. This kid has no choice, he will be a Bronco fan!


  1. He doesn't have a choice but to be a Bronco fan! Startin' em young Brook! Love the pic of him!!

  2. Go Niners! ;P

    Found your blog via Lisa's. Congrats on your little man - he's a cutie!