Saturday, August 15, 2009

Braeden meets little George!

So there must have been something in the water, or maybe it was the beer, at our wedding. There were a few ladies, including myself, that decided they were going to try and have kids after the big party. Liz was the first to get pregnant, with little Declan. I was second, with my little man Braeden, Sara was third with little George, and my friend Lisa was last with sweet Emily. Hopefully, they will all grow up to be great friends (they have no choice :-)
Tonight we went to a barbeque at Sara's house to visit and meet her new little man. He is 5 weeks younger than Braeden and a spitting image of his dad. In fact, all 3 boys seem to strongly resemble their dads. Hopefully, the future girls will look like their moms :-)
It was a great evening. Little George is doing great and Sara is doing amazing as well. I am so lucky to have friends with little one's like mine. As the years go by, it will be so fun to see these little ones grow up!

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  1. Your wedding was an absolute blast! In fact it was one of my favorites EVER. But somehow- I seemed to avoid pregnancy for a few months afterwards. Hmmm. What were you guys drinking?