Thursday, August 6, 2009

Date Night

Getting out of the house has definitely proven to be more of a challenge with our new little guy. While Chad and I have taken him with us to multiple places, weddings, restaurants, even a movie, we had yet to go out by ourselves. That all changed on August 6th. Over the past few weeks, Braeden has been going to sleep around 8 pm and sleeping for a 4-5 hour stretch (never mind that he refuses to sleep flat on his back in the crib, but that is for another post :-) To make it easier on my parents (the first babysitters) we planned our first outing around his sleepy time. My parents came over around 7:30 and Braeden was down by 7:45.

Chad and I decided to head up to Blackhawk, a small mountain town about 45 minutes away that has gambling. They recently added craps and roulette and increased their betting limits from $5 to $100. Most of you know how much we love Vegas (we went 7 times in our first year and a half of dating), so this seemed like a good choice for our first official "date night" (I doubt we will get to Vegas any time soon :-). We arrived in Blackhawk around 8:30 and found an open blackjack table at The Lodge Casino. I have to say it was one of the best times I've ever had gambling. I was so happy just to be out and about that I wasn't really paying much attention to the win/loss record. Lucky for Chad and I, we were both winning that night. We walked away from the table around 11:30 with a $600 gain. It was probably a good thing that we had to get home, or we probably would may have given most of our winnings back to the casino. We walked in the door of our house around 12:30 am and Braeden had just woken up 15 minutes earlier.

It was a great date night for me and Chad. I love my husband soo much, and while we have a great time out with Braeden, it is definitely nice to get out on our own as well. Chad is already talking about going back up to Blackhawk, so I'm sure we will see another date night to Blackhawk in the future (hopefully, it will be just as profitable :-)

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