Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baptism and the Godmamma

After four long months, Braeden finally got to meet his aunt Chel. It wasn't that she didn't want to meet her nephew sooner, it just seemed that every time she started to plan a trip, something came up to delay her.

I found a way to get her to Denver for sure by (finally) planning Braeden's baptism. She is the Godmother (or the Godmomma as she likes to call herself), so she had to make an appearance this weekend. I love my brothers and sisters soo much and I was soo excited for Chelsea to meet my little guy. What can I say, he was a hit. It was so cute to see her with her nephew. She is ten years younger than me, and probably a long way off from having her own kids, but she sure was excited to cuddle her little nephew. Braeden is sure to be spoiled by my brothers and sisters (at least until they have their own kids :-)

Chelsea spent the night at our house on Friday, and while I know she enjoyed spending time with Braeden, I think she will think twice about having kids any time soon after seeing me get up every few hours throughout the night. The days of sleeping in on the weekends are gone once you have kids.

The main event of the weekend, the baptism, was on Sunday morning at the 9:15 mass. This was during his regular nap time, so I wasn't sure how well he would do...luckily he did great! We arrived at 8:45 to meet with the ushers to coordinate how everything would play out. I had to laugh to myself when he asked how much space they should block off for our guests. Chad comes from a very large extended family. Almost everyone lives in Colorado and most of them come to every family event. I think the usher nearly passed out when I said we were expecting about 40 people. One of the great things about coming from such a large close family, is the traditions that you get to pass down. Braeden wore the baptismal gown that was hand sewn in 1923 by his great, great Grandma. It was worn by both Chad's grandpa and Chad and I'm sure it will be worn by many generations to come.

Before the mass, Father Pawel came over to meet Braeden. I don't' know what came over him, but my little boy started smiling and kicking, he was so excited to meet the priest. The mass started and we waited to take our places for the baptism, which took place in the middle of the mass. Our parish has a baptismal pool in the back and the priest asks all of the kids in attendance to gather around for baptisms. I can already imagine Braeden running up at a future mass trying to get a place in front where he can touch the water.

As the Father Pawel began to pour the holy water over Braeden's head, I thought my biggest concern would be if he would cry or not. However, when I bent over to hold Braeden over the pool, I could feel my strapless dress slowly inching down. You can't see my terror in the video, but I was sure I was going to flash the entire church. Luckily, my elastic held on, and I made it through the father, son and holy ghost. I have made a mental note to myself not to wear a strapless dress to any future baptisms. Braeden made it through all his essential parts of the mass, before passing out in his daddy's arms. As a side note, Braeden seems to fall asleep quite often in church...maybe I should get a mass to play for him at bedtime :-)

After mass, we had everyone over to our house for a brunch. This would be a simple task if you have a regular sized family, but when you have 40 people coming to your house, it takes some planning. I think everyone was fairly comfortable, and we only ran out of potatoes (next time we will have to make 2 batches). I really love family functions. Chad and I are both sooo lucky to have such awesome families with soo many people that care about us and Braeden. Thanks also to Danny and Chelsea. Braeden is very lucky to call you his Godparents.


  1. Yeah! He is baptized!!! We are slacking majorly on Emily's. Maybe I will use you for inspiration!!! Braeden looks adorable Brook. And your hair!!!!! I can't believe it! it looks GREAT on you! Congrats on the big day for Braeden.

  2. Congrats Braeden! Sounds like a very fun event and you pulled it off without a hitch...if you didn't write about your dress, I wouldn't have been able to tell you were worried. Good job mamma and Braeden is adorable.

  3. Whoever shot that video of the baptism did a phenomenal job.