Thursday, July 23, 2009

He Smiles!

I think one of the best parts of parenthood (so far) is seeing Breaeden smile his big toothless grin. I will never forget the first time he smiled, it was on the 4th of July, just as we were getting ready to go to Tama and Alex's house. I had just put him in his car seat and both Chad and I were leaning over looking at him, when he gives us this giant grin. My heart melted. It amazes me how much I love this little guy, and that love grows more and more everyday.

I was quickly telling everyone how Braeden smiled. While he does smile more and more everyday, he is definitely not smiling on command. In fact, it is usually when I am trying to get him to smile the most, that he looks at me with a stern grumpy face. His smiles are definitely spontaneous and unpredictable, but when they come, they are priceless.
I decided to make it my mission to catch one of these grins on film. This proved much more difficult than I originally anticipated. Braeden would be smiling from ear to ear, and as soon as the flash went off, he looked more confused than happy. I think I took about 50 shots, before I got "the one". Finally, on July 20th I caught the grin! It was after a bath and I nearly fell over trying to grab the camera and take the picture while he was on the changing table. So, this is my one picture of proof, he smiles!
Everyday he smiles more and more. I can't wait to hear the little chuckle to go along with that grin!

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