Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I love the USA!

I've always been a big fan of the 4th of July. I have fond memories as a child running around with sparklers and watching my dad set off fireworks that I am now certain were illegal :-) As an adult, it has always a fun weekend to hang out with friends, enjoy a few barbecues and take an extra day off work. This 4th of July, Braeden was about 5 weeks old, so our normal running all around town was a little more reserved. We are just starting to get into a groove with Braeden. I (generally) know when he might be sleeping, eating, etc. So, on Friday,the 3rd, we made sure he had a full stomach and decided to venture down to the Cherry Creek Arts festival. We picked up my mom on the way and met Chad's parents, our friends, The Woods, and Liz, Angus and Declan. Needless to say, it wasn't a leisurely stroll through the art exhibits. Don't get me wrong, Braeden did great. He woke once to eat, but otherwise slept the entire time. However, trying to navigate through narrow streets lined with tents full of art with a somewhat large group of people (including kids and strollers) was much more difficult than checking out the art on my own. It was a great day though, and it felt good just to get outside and walk around.

On Saturday the 4th, we went over to our friends Tama and Alex's house for a BBQ. They live in our neighborhood, so we put Braeden in the stroller and walked over. Chad's parents also stopped by, and it was a good night overall. We didn't stay at their house too late. We wanted to get back to on our dogs (they hate fireworks, especially Wiglaf.) Luckily, they weren't freaking out too bad (usually Wiglaf is siting on top of one of us drooling and panting as if the loud crack of a firecracker may be the actual end of him.) Although the dogs were a little on edge, they were fairly good overall. All in all, it was a great holiday weekend. I am definitely looking forward to the years when Braeden is running around with a sparkler. I am sure they will be here before we know it.


  1. We just took our kids to an art festival and it is nothing short of miraculous to be able to navigate through the crowds with a stroller! Good for you Brook! He looks adorable in his little outfits. What a handsome guy!

  2. Very cool :D although we rarely actually do it with the Fourth of July in mind, I feel like some kind of party or whatnot happens almost every year on that night here. We had our goofy pirate ship party this year, and a party for people who were leaving JET last year. Still, I miss the 4th of July routine you're talking about...Fireworks here are abundant and easy to get, but most of them at kinda tame compared to the monsters you can buy in, say, Wyoming.

    Keep `em coming, you'll be up to date in no time!

  3. Brook, Braeden is so cute! The part about your dogs sitting on your lap in years past made me laugh. Love the blog!!!